About Me

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me.

I work at Right at Home Realty, one of the most respected; Canadian owned and operated real estate brokerages in Canada. We are proud of the value we provide to our clients.

Our goal is to make sure your real estate experience is first class. We approach this with integrity and we hope that no matter what your circumstances, you enjoy your experience with us.

By keeping up to date with the ever changing real estate market, results in better representation for you. We have ongoing training programs within our office to ensure that we are continually improving our skills and staying informed of any changes in the market place.

Past Experience – My previous employment experience was working in finance. During my time in finance I helped provide and implement strategies for our account management teams to ensure we maintained or improved our gross margins with our multi-million dollar U.S. and Canadian client accounts. My responsibility was to ensure we met our yearly budgets and goals by anticipating any changes in the global commodity markets.

Real Estate – I decided to leave my comfortable finance position to pursue my passion to work in real estate full time.

My finance background helps me assist my clients during the decision and problem solving process. I want to ensure every real estate client of mine is informed and prepared with current updates of the real estate market. I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to be prepared and knowledgeable in every real estate experience to ensure my clients are making informed decisions for themselves and their family.

I offer strategies in real estate that are customized to tailor each client’s needs. As every real estate experience is different we will work together to develop a plan for you to choose that suits you and your family.

Personal – Since I work full time in real estate I appreciate the time I spend with my family more and more. I am always on call as I want to provide the best service possible to my real estate clients. I feel a sense of responsibility and loyalty to my clients as they are making some life changing decisions so I make it a priority to be available for any questions. I am blessed my family is very supportive of my career and understands that my clients have trusted me to help their family find a home.

I enjoy watching and playing sports. Even though my sports skills have diminished since I was the 8th grade basketball MVP. Nowadays jumping and running I just hope not to injure myself, but I am thankful every day for the life I have been blessed. Everyone should take a moment every day and be thankful for their blessings.