Certified Real Estate Negotiator (RENE)

Why Not Choose a Professional Real Estate Negotiator?

As a real estate professional, I am always looking to improve my skills in order to benefit my clients. No matter how many years in the industry, I am continuously looking to learn new skills to be adaptive in our changing real estate market. Whether in technology or personal improvements I want to give my clients an advantage.

I am a certified real estate negotiating expert through the Real Estate Business Institute REBI. Not all real estate professionals are certified in negotiations.

Every real estate transaction is different and involves unique people, personalities, and situations. All real estate transactions involve negotiations and when you have a qualified negotiator on your side working in your best interest it can save you thousands of your hard earned dollars.

My experience and the techniques I use negotiating on behalf of my clients has enabled me to provide the best service possible whether I am representing them as buyers or sellers on each real estate transaction. I am always looking to negotiate the best terms possible for my clients and I take this responsibility very serious because my clients have entrusted me with their home investment.

Listed below are my real estate expertise and services I provide to help give my clients an advantage in the home selling and buying process:

I would like the opportunity to earn your trust. Please contact me anytime with any real estate questions.